“Reinvent Fire” Video

Hello! Meigan here, filling in on this cold Tuesday evening. Since I’m not one of the Monday bloggers, I’m keeping this post short. (Sorry!)

In my Global Sustainability class, we are asked to watch videos pertaining to different subjects we read and discuss about each week. This past class dealt with energy consumption and we watched a video called “Reinventing Fire” by the Rocky Mountain Institute. This video proposes that now is the time to make efforts to wean our society off of fossil fuels and look toward renewable energies like wind or solar. Take a look:

Watching this video reminded me of a picture I saw as well about sustainable architecture and planning designs.

An example of a solar panel parking lot. Image obtained from toptennewhomecommunities.com

Those are cars parked under PV (photovoltaic) cells. In simple terms, PV cells convert solar energy to electric energy. I loved this idea of turning an asphalt parking lot into an area that produces energy. Not only is the design gorgeous, but drivers simultaneously save energy when they get in their car by not cranking up the AC as the interior temperature is not unbearably hot from sitting under the sun. It’s no surprise that this design is more pricey than other models due to its aesthetics, but here’s another example:

Another example of a parking lot covered by solar panels. Image obtained from http://bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com

I love how these designs demonstrate the beauty of renewable energies and the variety of practicalities they present for humans!

Cover image from ayrshirefoundation.org/

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