It’s Best to Buy Local

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and that means that floral companies all over the country will be busy making hundreds of deliveries. The primary seller: the red rose, a traditional symbol of love and romance. But while roses may dazzle your special someone, the environment sure isn’t feeling the love! During this time of year, roses have to be imported from other countries because they cannot grow in a cold climate, so buying something more seasonal, like a tulip, would be much more sustainable.


^^Look how cute these bouquets from Little Acre Flowers are!!

An article from that caught my eye gives three reasons why buying locally grown flowers is better:

  1. Better for the environment. Most flowers you buy in the grocery store or at the florist shop are grown in South America, drenched in chemical preservatives, and shipped under refrigeration halfway around the world. All that takes a lot of energy and a lot of chemicals to make sure the flowers last long enough to use by the time they arrive. With local flowers, they can get to us quickly while fresh — with little or no chemicals and refrigeration. And flowers have a variety of advantages as agricultural crops: since we’re not eating them, they make a great way to remediate contaminated soils in urban areas where growing food would be challenging; and they encourage biodiversity of plants and insects.
  2. Supporting local producers. Locally grown flowers help support the local economy and encourage small and beginning farmers with high-value, diverse crops. Since they’re sourced locally, there are fewer middlemen, which is generally a better deal for both the farmer and the consumer. And it creates local, green jobs.
  3. Fresh, diverse range of products. Local flowers are naturally fresher. They come straight from the farm to store or florist, instead of sitting in boxes on airplanes and ships for days and weeks. Additionally, there are a whole variety of types of flowers that just aren’t suited to the global, long-distance flower trade — they just don’t hold up well enough in all that shipping. Local flowers can provide varieties that are hard to find otherwise.

It may be too late this year, but next year consider purchasing flowers from a local seller; they are really easy to find online and are available in many states! The environment will thank you.


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