Eco-Friendly Makeup


Sorry guys, but this post is addressed to the ladies.  With Valentine’s Day weekend ahead, what girl wouldn’t want to look her best?  Yet, as many of us know, that dewy skin and rosy lip can be difficult to achieve in the dead of winter without using a myriad of products.  Throughout a single beauty routine, the average woman comes in contact with about 515 different chemicals.  Up to 60% of the makeup we use on our bodies can be absorbed into our bloodstream.  Those chemicals which are not taken into our bodies can pollute our waterways.

According to here are some benefits to using eco-friendly makeup:

  1. All Natural
  2. Safe to use
  3. Works with all skin types
  4. Wide range of products
  5. Budget friendly (eco-friendly does not mean expensive)
  6. Zero animal testing
  7. Zero harmful side effects

Some of the most popular brands of eco-friendly makeup are Physicians Formula, Burt’s Bees and Bare Minerals.  If you are looking for a weekend treat, check out Origins in Barracks Roads Shopping Center.  Origins is an all-natural beauty care line that carries products with fun names like “Smarty Plants”  foundation and “Make a Difference” moisturizer.

Give these new products a try, and have a sustainable weekend, gorgeous!

Sources: The Huffington Post and


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