Meat Free Monday

At some point in my childhood I decided it was just plain mean to eat animals. I informed my parents of my new vegetarian lifestyle and stuck with it for about four years (until my parents slowly started to reincorporate a bit of meat back into my diet after a doctor recommended I should eat more protein- I was a very picky eater). However, I’ve realized that since coming to college and being a regular dining hall attendee, I eat meat almost every day which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but there are a few broad things to consider:

Picture from GlobalPost

1. It’s very easy to get too much protein

2. Antibiotics, preservatives, and other ingredients are commonly found in meat

3. Livestock is one of the top contributors to greenhouse gasses & takes its toll on the land, air, and water (FAO)

4. Given the treatment of many livestock, you could still call eating animals “mean”

So last week, as I was thinking of a writing topic for this blog, I decided to try going at least one day per week meat free. I initially had some concerns regarding my resolve but then remembered our dining halls have already made it easier by chipping in to Meatfree (or similarly, Meatless) Mondays by offering less meat. So I encourage all other non-vegetarians to step up as well! Do it for the animals. Do it for your health. Do it because your friends said you couldn’t. Do it for sustainability!

(Do it for this cow)

Picture from Balkansciencereport


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