Participate in UVa Sustainability’s Litterati!

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty addicted to all of my social media why not use Instagram to help save the world?

Litterati is a worldwide campaign founded by Jeff Kirschner. By using geo-tagging, Litterati collects photos of litter and finds problem areas that need attention and clean up. Keyword tags on the photos also help to identify common littered brands and items.

How can you help?

UVa Sustainability is leveraging the Litterati movement to get students to participate. A competition from now until Earth Day (April 22nd) is happening with prizes and gift cards!

Participating is easy:

1. Take a picture of a piece of litter

2. Upload to Instagram, add “#litterati” and tag “@sustainableuva”

3. Pick up the litter and properly dispose of it!

Make sure that your Instagram is on public so your entries can be counted in the prize drawing!

And find out more at:

It’s a great, innovative way to incorporate modern technology with the ever relevant issue of litter!

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