B2P Pens – Made from 89.9% post-consumer product!

So last week I went on a shopping spree to the UVA Bookstore (yes, having no car and being at school limits my shopaholic tendencies severely)..I bought a pretty cool pack of sustainable pens!

They’re called B2P (standing for bottle to pen), made by the pen company Pilot. They’re the world’s first pen to be made out of recycled plastic bottles, made from 89.9% post-consumer product. I bought them on a whim, as I buy many of my purchases, but these pens are very high quality.


The plastic that they are made out of is not flimsy, but quite durable and the pens write in gel ink..I’ve been using them for a week now and haven’t had any issues with them running out or writing glitchy. I bought two black ones, but they also come in other colors like red and blue.

The bookstore charged me about $4 for two pens, but you can get the same pack on Amazon for $2.59! That makes them just about as expensive as normal pens..and they are definitely worth it!

It’s pretty awesome that a big pen company like Pilot has invested research and resources into finding a way to upcycle plastic water bottles. Wouldn’t be cool if in the future every pen was a B2P pen? 🙂

Have a great sustainable week everyone!

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