Guest Post: No Time for Dependancy

Hi, all! Meigan here, once again. I’ve asked one of my good friends, Magne, to write a bit as a guest author. Magne lived in the United States for about three years before moving back to Moss, Norway. Currently, he’s studying Geomatics engineering at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. I’ve asked him to write a short spiel about sustainability in the US versus Norway. Hit the jump to read what Magne has to say!

Gorgeous astral photography taken by Magne of the countryside near Moss, Norway.

Within the confines of our tiny little planet, ever since we first took a picture of it from outer space, there has been this growing quest for this little something called sustainability. And with the scarce of “peak oil” a lot of companies have been created around the world to lessen our strong dependence on fossil fuels.

Norwegian oil vessels. Image from

Hi my name is Magne and I am writing to you from this little country on the other side of the pond called Norway! Now, Norway is most known for its beautiful fjords, northern light, its general expensiveness and the seed bank on Svalbard. This country gets more than 99% of its electricity from hydroplants, that is, big dams. And at this point you’re thinking, oh my… that’s sustainable! Well, here’s the catch, Norway gets most of its GDP from the oil industry. We have huge oil rigs in the northern sea pulling out millions of barrels of oil a year. I really have no clue how much because its 3 AM over here right now, but my point is: Even though we are not dependent on fossil fuel for energy, most of our economy is based around the sale of oil to other countries. That is not sustainable! What sustainability carries with it is the ability not to have all our eggs in the same basket. For the United States, this means relying on different sources of energy, for a more stable future. Even if all that global warming we have been hearing so much about turns out to be a flop, the world still requires a sustainable energy industry. And in the US, this is just starting to take a foothold.

What do you think of Magne’s views? Can you think of any solutions or approaches the United States should or could take?

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