Green Girls Lead the Way


jones 2

In honor of International Women’s Day celebrated last week,  this post will focus on a female sustainability leader.  While Nike often receives scrutiny for social rights issues, the athletic wear corporation has made major strides in sustainability.  At the forefront of this change is Hannah Jones, Nike’s VP of sustainable business and innovation.  As Jones has worked to combine innovation and sustainability, she has realized, “that if you view innovation through the lens of sustainability, some of the core capabilities that you build as a sustainability practitioner allow you to fast-track innovation.”  Furthermore, Jones attributes her team’s success to constantly striving in a perpetual environment of change and challenge.  She sees no reason to “simply retro-fit the past but to design for the future”.  For example, instead of struggling to provide workers with protection from a very toxic dye, she rewrote the system by mandating the use of a water based non-toxin instead.

With Jones in charge, I had to find out what cool, sustainable projects Nike is currently pursuing!  Here’s what I discovered:

1) Waterless Dyeing Technology (involves recycled carbon dioxide!)

2) Single thread shoes (lighter for the runner, less waste for the planet!)

Yeah, we do!
Yeah, we do!


A strong role model for all sustainability minded women, Jones is hoping to place Nike on a closed loop system; a system where all products can be recycled into new products.  For more examples of female sustainability leaders, check out feature, How She Leads (

Go get’em, green girl!

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