Review: Making My Own Dry Shampoo

Hi, all. Meigan here, once again. I’m filling in for Ariel today since she’s away in NYC but not to worry! She and I are swapping posting days this rotation so you can read what she has to say this upcoming Monday. In the mean time, hit the jump to read my dry shampoo review!

PS: I swear, I’ll be writing that post about the food industry soon. There’s so much to discuss and I probably won’t be able to fit everything into one post.

I didn’t know what dry shampoo was until I got to college. Dry shampoo is an alternative to washing your hair in the shower so essential oils aren’t stripped off your scalp. Many drug store shampoos contain sulfates which further progresses removal of oils to the point where your scalp overproduces oils, making your hair feel greasy. Rather than opting for an apple cider vinegar rinse, dry shampoo is the next best thing to maintaining publicly acceptable looking hair. Hit the jump to read my review on a homemade dry shampoo recipe I found!

Dry shampoo with cocoa powder. Image from

This post is in response to a recipe found on Sincerely, Kinsey a blog that posts about clean living, photography, and cute DIY projects. Here’s the recipe I followed for dry shampoo for dark hair:

2 tablespoons corn starch
 1/3 cup cocoa powder
old makeup brush
a few drops of essential oil *optional
Instructions: Combine all ingredients together and store in a watertight capsule.
Here are a few of my notes from the process:
  • I didn’t measure out exact ratios since I had a bit of cocoa powder left over from years and years ago.
  • I didn’t add any essential oil

I’ve never tried using any kind of store-bought dry shampoo so take my review with a grain of salt. This dry shampoo works well on day 2 or even day 3 hair depending on how quickly your scalp produces oils. However, even with cocoa powder, I’ve found myself having a bit of “dandruff head” due to the light-colored cornstarch. The best way to avoid this is to rub the dry shampoo into your scalp. Personally, I don’t brush my hair with my boar bristle brush right after applying the shampoo because my hair looks flat and a bit yucky. I strongly recommend simply using your fingers. Last but not least, I can feel the grittiness of the cocoa powder when I run my hands through my hair. A little strange, but it’s something I’ve definitely noticed!

Want to read more about dry shampoos? Maybe the above recipe isn’t quite what you’re looking for? I highly recommend reading the post by A Beautiful Mess for reviews and ideas!
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