Milk Fabric

What if you could wear milk? You’re probably imagining liquid, and indeed there have been many photo shoots in the design world that involves a quick snap of the camera as liquid is thrown on the human body.

But Anke Domaske, a biochemist turned fashion designer from Germany, actually created an all-natural fabric made from milk protein. This fabric is called QMilk, and it is the first man-made fabric to be produced without the use of any chemicals. Wow. The fabric is created from milk which is allowed to ferment before it is turned into a powder. It is then heated and mixed with other natural ingredients and turned into yarn.

The great part is it’s really just like any other fabric – you can wash them and iron them just as you wood cotton or polyester. There isn’t any special treatment you’d have to give it, and it most definitely won’t disintegrate in the wash.


Qmilch is said to feel like silk and is marketed as a luxury fiber. Apparently it’s really great for your health too! The milk protein contains amino acids that are antibacterial and anti-aging. In addition, the fabric helps to regulate body temperature and blood circulation.

In terms of production, it takes 6 liters to produce on entire dress. Producing QMilch requires less water than one would need to produce cotton, but as there is a catch to everything – it’s pricier. QMilch costs around $30 per kilo to produce, compared to $3.8 per kilo for cotton yarn.


All the same, it is gradually gaining popularity as a luxury item. This sustainable fiber is a great foundation for future collaborations between science and fashion and has the potential to revolutionize the fashion industry!

Check out this 5 min video about it:


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