Food for Thought

We don’t often question where our food comes from, as long as it is affordable and convenient. For example, I didn’t think twice about the mangoes that I bought at the grocery store last week that traveled all the way to Harris Teeter from Peru. We all know that buying local food is more sustainable, but often it isn’t the most practical. The rise in ‘guerrilla gardening’ or bringing small scale agricultural production to the public is a very intriguing proposition. This makes fresh produce available to everyone, which is healthier and more sustainable. In inner cities such as South Central LA, many volunteer organizations have begun to use guerrilla gardening as method of addressing food deserts, or areas where there is no access to fresh produce and healthy alternatives to fast food. The work that organizations such as Incredible Edible are doing is sustainable and economically viable, while promoting public health. In a culture driven by convenience, local volunteer based produce gardens have the potential to change the way we think about food and sustainability.

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