In the Garden State of Mind

With the end of the semester flying towards us, it’s a good idea to start planning now for some of your end-of-the-year activities. When I think of spring at UVa, the first things I envision are the gardens.



Before I go any further, I should tell you that this isn’t Laurel—it’s Laurel’s friend Lindy guest blogging this week, and I am pretty excited to write about being green on grounds.

The gardens are beautiful spaces that probably few of us utilize as much as we could. But when I think of the time I’ve spent in various gardens over the past two years, I have nothing but positive, sunny memories to keep me going when I’m in the library every night during the last few weeks of classes.

It occurs to me that there’s no reason not to add to those happy memories by visiting the gardens even more. Take a break from your reading, your studying, your problem sets, and explore the enclosed yet expansive wonderlands that are tucked behind each pavilion.


Once you’re there, walk around, find your favorite spot. Write a poem. Do some handstands. Have a picnic. Dance, maybe, if you’re fairly confident no one will see you over the serpentine walls.

Take some pictures, because it certainly will be pretty enough, but don’t forget to simply observe as well. Sustainability is an effort that starts with the mindful appreciation of the nature around us. The gardens give us a chance to do that with their quiet beauty, and they’re only a short walk away.

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