12 Experiences You Must Have to be a SustainaAllstar

As seen on my facebook newsfeed, kids these days-when not playing 2048 or doge2048 or other alternatives, seem to be fascinated by BuzzFeed. This isn’t one of those, but rather 12 experiences that have truly defined my Sustainability Experience at UVa, that you can’t miss when you’re here.

  1. Garden Parties


These are the Gardens, get to know them

Find ANY excuse to go to a Garden Party. You must go to one… It’s April, you’re outside, beautiful gardens surround you, dogs can be found in a few, and drinks are in your hand. What could be better? Here’s your Chance:




2. Grilling on the Lawn

Last year, (I have a charcoal grill), I had some leftover charcoal and wanted to host an informal Sustaina Event: Sustainagrill. Well, it’s a great experience for similar reasons to the Garden Parties, and you may be just in luck. I seem to (again) have extra charcoal, so time to light it up and grill with some Sustainafriends.

Expect another one this Exam Period...
Expect another one this Exam Period…

3. Humpback Rock

Humpback Rock

Every single person you know has a cover photo of being in mid-air about Humpback Rock, time you did too… Green Grounds in the past as hosted hikes, as well as ESO among others. If you have a car it’s an easy 30 minute drive (on your way to Wintergreen), so grab some friends to go up!

Below, I will update as I finish, but for now, enjoy!

4. Going to a SustainaFood Event

5. SustainaPotlucks
6. Fine Arts Café
7. Locking your bike in a bike rack downtown or on the Corner (if you’re unexciting)

8. Farmer’s Market Adventures

9. Downtown Charlottesville Exploring

10. Charlottesville City Parks

11. Rivanna Stream Cleanup

12. Leader of a Sustainability Organization at UVa


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