Eco-Friendly and Healthy Wallpaper

When people talk about environmentally friendly goods or services, the popular topics that come up are organic food, public transportation, arts and craft, etc. But no one ever talks about wallpaper.

It’s a strange, or at least uncommon, subject to discuss in casual conversation, but houses all over the world use wallpaper in their homes so it’s something we shouldn’t ignore.

A lot of current wallpapers in use are coated in PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which is more effective than traditional materials such as copper, iron or wood in pipe and profile applications. However, exposure to PVC can result in several known health risks.

1. The high chlorine content can cause reproductive and developmental problems as a result of the release of dioxins.

2. Three things in PVC: dioxins, phthalates, and BPA are also all considered endocrine disruptors, which are chemicals that interfere with the production or activity of hormones in the endocrine system.

3. PVC dust exposure can cause asthma and also affect the lungs.

The second dangerous component of wallpaper is the use of toxic glues to secure them onto the walls.

However, there are a couple of wallpaper companies that are changing this industry with the introduction of more environmental practices and products to address to the above issues.

Check out some of them here:

Also check out this guide on additional eco-friendly wallper:




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