SustainaBUSY! Earth Week 2014

WOW this week has been jam-packed with events and it is not over yet! (And yes, I’m going to use the sustainabusy schedule as a lame excuse for posting apologies!!)

UVA’s HellUVA Planet Celebration aka Earth Week started last Tuesday with an event co-hosted by Green Grounds..SustainaPita! Like our other sustaina-events, Sustaina-Pita had delicious food (thanks to Zoe’s Kitchen for catering!) and brought together various members of the green community. This time, we focused on the disconnect between UVA sustainability CIOs and Charlottesville green companies and organizations. It’s so easy to get caught up in the UVA bubble, to forget that we are a part of the larger Charlottesville community and thus should work with our Charlottesville counterparts to create a more cohesive, stronger community. Hopefully after SustainaPita we will be able to see more collaborations from the Cville community and UVA student groups!

Green Grounds then held a HellUVA Craft Sale on Tuesday in Clark Hall, selling upcycled crafts, such as picture frames, magazine flowers, and painted rocks as well as delicious Earth-looking cookies! The event was definitely a success..with lots of interested buyers, and even prospective students stopping by to support Earth Week and Green Grounds!


Then on Thursday (yes, three events in a row), Green Grounds held its annual Green Career Fair in the Clark foyer with employers such as UVA’s Office for Sustainability, Environment Virginia, Appalachian Voices, UTS, and the Nature Resource Conservation Service present. Additionally, UVA EVSC graduate students were gracious enough to come and set up a table to discuss their research and the EVSC graduate program with interested students. Just outside of Clark, members were also putting bike tags advertising UVA Earth Week up (they also had a coupon to Blue Ridge!!).


On Saturday morning, members went to the Rivanna River for a stream clean up..then stopped by Whole Foods to support Charlottesville Earth Week’s cook out! Saturday evening was a very special one for Green Grounds. As an organization, we won the Most Outstanding Small CIO Award at the Student Council Awards Ceremony!! And that’s not the following SustainaBanquet that night, Green Grounds was honored again to win the Most Outstanding Sustainability CIO. These awards make me so proud to be part of such an amazingly dedicated and passionate organization. We’ll take the successes from the past and use them to fuel our future projects and commitments. Green Grounds forever ❤


And let’s not forget about the final day of Earth Week..Earth Day!!! Green Grounds will be present once again at the HellUVA Festival to be held in the Amphitheater from 2-5 PM tomorrow. We’ll be tabling with our Parking & Transportation team, with bike lights and jeopardy to be played! Also earlier in the day is UVA’s annual Earth Week Expo from 11 AM – 2 PM in the Newcomb Ballroom.

Lots of events, but lots of worthwhile ones, and all of them revolve around this HellUVA earth we live in.

Stay green, my friends and HAPPY EARTH WEEK! 🙂


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