Green Business Cards (and beyond!)

So you’ve just graduated or started a business and you’re in the market for business cards, but your eco-concious is flipping out because handing out little pieces of paper feels plain wasteful, and to add insult to the injury the cheapest cards are thick, bleached white, and printed with toxic inks.  “There has to be something more than this!” you scream internally.  Looking for a green alternative?  Then try a little DIY!


These business cards are amazingly simple to make with the added bonus of being very planet-friendly by repurposing old paper grocery bags.  Bonus points if you use natural or soy-based inks!  They work wonderfully if you’re a green business but also are unique and will make you stand out if you’re pursuing an artsy profession.

You can use these as inspiration for other printed projects; a friend who is getting married soon raved to me that this would be a great idea for wedding invitations.  I agreed – why not show your love for both your spouse and the Earth, as well as giving your invites a more natural and personal touch.  They don’t have to be plain rectangles like this.  You can use different scissors for the borders to create funky edges, mat them on pages from an old book, or weave a border of twine into them.  Your stamp can have elegant or earthy fonts.  Be creative and have fun!




















New Forest Earth is a local Charlottesville social entrepreneurship that partners with a Mayan art cooperative in México and the Huaorani tribe in Amazonian Ecuador to promotes the conservation of the rainforest while celebrating people and culture.  You can check them out on their website or their Facebook page.



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  1. alexpawlowskiuva says:

    This is awesome! I will definitely try this during the summer!! Thanks for sharing!

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