Back from the Bahamas!

Hello, all!

‘Tis Meigan here and back from the Bahamas. Sorry the blog has been so empty lately, but school is now out for summer, our fourth-years have graduated, and people are quite busy with summer jobs, classes, and internships. However, Patricia, Megan, and I will continue posting on a weekly rotation.

That being said, I hope to spend the next few weeks sharing my experience in San Salvador. I went to San Sal for a 4 credit Tropical Marine Ecology class offered by UVa with Professors Fred Diehl and Dave Smith. They work in the biology and environmental science departments respectively, and along with six other faculty members and 31 students including myself, we stayed at the Gerace Research Center from May 14-29. During the first week, we went all over the island to different coral reefs and even a mangrove site. (More about the trips later, though.) For the second week, we split into groups of 2 (with one group of 3) and studied one marine organism of our choice. My partner and I studied feather dusters and our findings are quite interesting. I will be publishing the report I wrote as one of my last posts.


The Gerace Research Center, established 1971. Image from

As you can see from the image, we were right by the beach! Not only does San Sal have crystal blue waters at its beaches, it has many opportunities for snorkeling — and snorkeling we did! A typical day usually meant we would eat breakfast from 7:30-8:30 before packing our bodies in a huge truck to drive somewhere on the 4mi by 12mi island for a great site to snorkel. I’ll be sharing my experiences at various sites so stay tuned for more!

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