A few things you can do to make the world a better place!

Hey everyone!

There are so many ways to be involved with the environment, and what’s even better is that some of our small changes can make big differences!

Bottles of Water!
Bottles of Water!
One Bottle!
One Bottle!


1. Instead of always buying packs of water bottles at a time, get one big container of water and refill it! Not only will it aid the environment, you will save $$ too!




Plugged up when using!
Plugged up when using!
Unplugged when they aren't needed!
Unplugged when they aren’t needed!


2.Something that not only helps the environment, but also saves a little money is taking out chargers to cell phones, computers, etc. when you aren’t using them!

3. Always try to recycle your glass bottles! It’s hard to believe, but recycling glass bottles immensely reduces air pollution each year!

4. Try to use one less napkin when you eat a meal! Can you imagine the billions of napkins that could be saved from being in a landfill if thousands of people participated in this?

5. Maybe buying a giant sized container of water isn’t your thing, but there is always the choice of buying a reusable container that you can fill with anything you’d like! That could drastically decrease the amount of bottles in a landfill. Especially since those bottles would take thousands of years to decompose!

***Hopefully these tips encourage you to see the bright side of sustainability! Furthermore, following these small tips can make a big difference. Think for a second, and realize that these small steps can aid in sustainability in your household to a much larger scale such as preventing extinction in beautiful animals like the Amur Leopard or the Bengal Tiger!

Amur Leopard
Amur Leopard



Bengal Tiger
Bengal Tiger










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