Give Trash a Second Chance

Ever think of saving your capri-sun package? How about a cliff bar wrapper?  Well, in this day and age you should think twice about trashing anything! Take these guys for example:

Clif Bar Wrapper Messenger Bag DrinkPouch_Backpack


These trendy bags were created by TerraCycle, Inc.®, the company that added the new zero-waste revolution called terracycling to our vocabulary.  They collect non-recyclable, post-consumer waste, and reuse it to create products for all occasions. This not only reduces the amount of waste we are producing, but also eliminates the need to create new products from raw materials- thus reducing resource use, water withdrawal, and our carbon footprint!


I came across terracycling recently when I noticed a plastic tube filled with wrappers inside Clark Hall. Upon further investigation, it appears that this location is specifically for the collection of foil-lined energy bar wrappers, but there are 40 collection programs in total, ranging from dairy tubs to cigarette waste.

IMG_5568 IMG_4486

For  more information on what you can collect and how to donate, visit the company’s website here.

It’s amazing how much of a difference a pencil case made from candy wrappers versus a pencil case made from cotton can make when it comes to environmental benefits, and the product looks even cooler! So instead of sending your “garbage” to a grim death by incineration,  send it to TerraCycle and keep the cycle going. 🙂






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