Sustainability Ideas for College Campuses

The other day I was watching videos on environmentally friendly ideas for college campuses because, well, that’s the sort of the purpose of our club. I ended up looking through ideas that other colleges had come up with and stumbled upon a video for Bellevue College in Washington state (link provided at the end of the article).


One of the really cool ideas the video talked about was having a student organized and cared for garden on grounds. Now I know UVA already has something similar at Hereford, but I haven’t really heard all too much about it (I believe it gets more popular in the spring time?). Students and faculty w  ork together to learn to grow their own produce (yay for freshness!) and promote greenness in general. If that could be incorporated into dorm areas other than just Hereford, that could be really cool. One thing about the Hereford garden is that it’s way off to the side and back. Nobody ever really sees it. Why is that? Gardens are pretty. They’re aesthetically pleasing so why not just plop one down in the middle of New Dorms area? People would love to stop by and appreciate mother nature’s beauty. I know, there’s not much space, but it’s an idea, at least.


The video also talked about a bus system. I’d advise UVA to do something similar, but we already has an outstanding bus system in my opinion. So that point is moot. But the video also discussed the implementation of charging stations for electric cars. I’m not too sure how viable/feasible that would be at the moment as electric cars aren’t all that prevalent in today’s day and age (especially not for college students). But it could definitely be a potential future investment, as I’m sure as time goes on they will gain popularity.


The video didn’t really actually discuss solar panel technology (they instead went into how geothermal energy is used to heat entire buildings? That sounds pretty sweet), but if you look closely you can catch a glimpse of panels lining up one of the buildings’ roofs. That could absolutely be done at UVA, as well. Solar panels need to be installed and then taking care of them is a fairly simple feat. Just a quick scrub-down every now and then and they should be shining bright as ever, supplying energy to whichever building needs it most.

UVA’s already doing a great job of being green, but we can always improve! These are but a few ideas; if any of you readers out there have any, please drop them off in the comments! We’d love to hear them. And who knows? Maybe we’ll actually use it!

As promised, here is the link to video:

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