Mini Post: Second (or Even Third) Day Hair

Even though it’s not my day to post, I wanted to get this thought out before I forget.

Now, ladies (and even gents), you may have been hearing that it is suggested NOT to wash your hair multiple days in a row. Doing so strips your scalp of natural oils (these are good oils!) which in turn makes your scalp produce more oil. For the past few years, I’ve definitely stopped washing my hair every day. Other friends I’ve talked to have tried dried shampoo during those in between days. (I’ve even done a post on dry shampoo!) The number of days you can go without washing your hair definitely varies from person to person. My friends with curly hair are lucky since they can shampoo about twice a week and still have hair that looks great. My hair is straight and thus I wash my hair every two or three. What’s my point about this second (or third or fourth) day hair business? Look at it this way: Not washing your hair saves water and energy when you shower. It’s a simple way to master the Five Minute Shower (something that I personally believe we should all strive for) and it’s always fun to get complimented on your hair!

Anyway, regardless of how often you do or do not have to shampoo, I find that masking the fact that I haven’t washed my hair can easily be done with a simple braid! I first learned how to French braid during my senior year of high school with help from a YouTube video by Kayley Melissa (also known as Lets Make It Up).

Up until watching her videos on French braiding, I never really got it. However, I really love her tutorials because she goes slow enough for me to follow and makes many of her styles user-friendly. Did you see a celebrity recently rock an awesome hairstyle? What about a hairstyle from a TV show like “Gossip Girl” or “Pretty Little Liars?” She’s got plenty hair tutorials out there, even for girls with short hair. Go ahead and check out her channel if you like what you see!


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