It’s a social media day!

As I wait for some lovely guest posts from some amazing and sustainable people (in weeks to come), I figured I would share with you all a few of the links I’ve clicked on this week about sustainability!

This link will take you to a Buzzfeed-esque quiz generated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Their simple questions will let you know if you are ready to deal with climate challenges!

EPA climate quiz

(This quiz is part of a historical year of facing– and legitimizing– climate change head-on as an agency and government.)

The next link takes you to an article about the famous Rockefeller family’s decision to divest from fossil fuels (despite their family fortune having been generated from fossil fuel production). The family says that they can see the future of energy production.

Rockefeller Divest

On a similar subject, it’s a Buzzfeed article about a (relatively) new city in the Middle East designed to be completely sustainable and energy efficient:

Next is a petition by the students at the College of William and Mary that encourages W&M to stop selling disposable water bottles on their campus. This could be a good campaign for the University of Virginia. The petition includes a very informative video describing the impacts of selling disposable water (and why we shouldn’t spend our money on it!):


The next few articles are in regards to vegetarianism. The first two discuss the climate/fauna impacts of eating meat, the next two are recipes that help you minimize the meat in your diet, and the last one talks about the flexitarian diet and educating children!

Prince is vegetarian? Prince is apparently vegetarian?

Veggie Ramen


Also, watch this EPA sponsored video about not smoking in the house. It’s not exactly sustainable, but EPA made it and it’s strangely cute.


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  1. Allie says:

    the breathe easies are by far the best asthma band on this planet

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