But I thought it was Mount Rushmore?!

Hey everyone!

Earlier this summer, I visited Mount Trashmore! I know it doesn’t sound like the most appealing place in the world, but it actually is a beautiful park. It is gorgeous and is made on top of a buried landfill from compacting layers of waste and soil.

Path at the top of the hill!
Path at the top of the hill!
At one of their lakes!
At one of their lakes!

When I was walking on the enormous hill, it was hard for me to believe that I was actually standing on top of a landfill. Most of the time we think of landfills and imagine (well, I imagine) cloudy skies with heaps of trash piling on top of one another. But it is different here; it’s actually a beautiful place with countless of activities to participate in!



One of the Lakes!
One of the Lakes!
View from halfway up!
View from halfway up!

And I know, a landfill is probably the last place on your bucket list, but if you are ever around Virginia Beach, Virginia, go check it out! The renovation from landfill to park is phenomenal. It’s crazy to think that a few people can start on a simplistic project and the end result turns out to be a masterpiece. Now, it has countless features such as the skate park, hiking trials, lakes, and even playgrounds!


Always remember that small changes can make big differences!

Stay environmental friendly

~ Jacob


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