In the Spotlight: Campus Kitchen

Food waste and hunger are a complete paradox but two very real problems in America and the world. Recently, I learned about a national organization that exists on grounds called The Campus Kitchen. It acheives its goal to reduce both waste and hunger by filling gaps in the food system and making connections where they do not already exist. Acting within the limitations of health codes, the group of volunteers turns food that would otherwise be wasted at UVa dining halls into meals that can be served at homeless shelters. Their innovative, sustainable efforts not only keep food out of landfills but also feed those who would otherwise go hungry. Since 2001, the nationwide organization has recovered over 3,697,255 pounds of food and prepared over 2,225,349 meals—figures that grow daily.

If you want to get involved with this great organization, check out their website as well as UVa’s Campus Kitchen’s facebook page!

In the meantime, be grateful for the food on your plate that goes missing from the plates of so many by eating whats left and minimizing waste.


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