Fall Break: Let’s Carpool!

This weekend was Fall Break and pretty much everyone decided to go home for the long weekend to enjoy some relaxation time with their friends and family. Unfortunately, that means driving time. And a lot of it. And as an environmentalist, naturally, I’m concerned. So many cars travelling so much distance means a lot of pollution will be released into the atmosphere. This got me thinking. Now I know it’s not feasible to remove the travel time altogether, but what if we could find a way to reduce the carbon footprint we’d be leaving? So, I guess a rather obvious idea hit me: carpooling!


It’s actually a really neat idea and after talking to some classmates at college, a bunch of them decided to make their own carpools. It works especially well for college students going home for breaks as some students have friends from their high schools that go to the same college as them. This means their end destinations are actually pretty close so voila! That’s one less car on the road! Multiply this by the number of students in colleges and it’s actually a pretty significant change.


After doing some research, I realized that carpooling isn’t just good for reducing pollution; it also saves space. Think about it, if two people have the same destination, and they use only one car to get there, that means there only needs to be 1 parking spot available. It Everybody travelling to that location thought like that, then there’d only need to be half as much space allotted for parking. That’s huge!

This video actually does a pretty good job of detailing the benefits of carpooling. And it ends on another positive note, carpooling is also a great way to socialize! Long trips with friends and/or acquaintances? That’s quality bonding time.


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