Charlottesville Farmers Market Review

Things start to get busy once all the college students wake up! Image frm


A week ago, I decided to forgo by normal grocery trip to Harris Teeter and venture off to the local farmers market! Since I spent the last year in California –  where farmers markets and co-ops were more abundant than the likes of Safeway and Harris Teeter – my standards for fruit have risen. All UVA students should make at least one trip down to the farmers market since there are numerous benefits. For instance, when food is locally grown, the resources and energy required to transport the food is cut down significantly. Additionally, buying from a farmers market assists in preserving farmland since the U.S. loses an acre of farmland a minute to development. Lastly, in my opinion, the fruits and vegetables definitely taste better because all the produce is super fresh. The downtown farmers market in Charlottesville certainly did not disappoint! Here were some of my favorite spots:

  1. Jam According to Daniel: This place was definitely my favorite part of the farmers market. I ended up getting a peach, blackberry, and lemon jam to take home. Although the jams are expensive, it is definitely worth the investment!
  2. Popsicle Cart: There’s so many cool flavors that incorporate fruits that are in season. Also, they taste amazing on a warm day!
  3. Taco Stand: The tortillas are freshly made and the salsa is super flavorful while the meat is seasoned wonderfully. If you’re craving something savory, definitely stop by here.

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