Have You Ever Visited A Wildlife Conservation?

Hey all!

Wildlife conservations are a great demonstration of why we are so passionate about taking care of our environment. There are so many different conservations to visit, so I’ll take time to describe one in particular! T.I.G.E.R.S. is a wildlife conservation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. When I was about five years old, I remember holding a baby tiger that weighed more than me!

Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard

I always wanted to go back to that wildlife conservation because they actually allow you to hold the tigers, give them milk, and even go on the safari tours. Additionally, at different times throughout the year different animals are present, so you may be able to hold an orangutan and maybe even get a picture with it!


The experience is a little pricy, but knowing that 90% of the money goes directly to the wildlife conservation makes me satisfied. Contributing to the cause is definitely worth it. These phenomenal animals don’t deserve to perish because of our selfish desires. These experiences remind me why I care so much about the environment. The best part of this conservation is that the workers passionately take care of the animals. When I went back to this conservation earlier this year, I was able to see the baby tiger all grown up! Imagine, one day in our lifetimes that we could wake up and these exotic animals are extinct. We would never be able to physically touch or even see these amazing animals ever again.

Amur Leopard
Amur Leopard

As humans, we always want a choice, and right now we have the choice to contribute in saving them! Of course, its difficult to be 100% committed all of the time, but the little things that we can change in our daily lives will help even if we don’t always realize it.

African Forest Elephant
African Forest Elephant

Stay Environmental Friendly!


Images from wcs.org


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