Post-Halloween Sustainability

Once you recover from your sugar coma and whatever other activities you may have participated in last night, it will be time to clean-up. Remember to recycle those cans and bottles, and to check if your candy wrappers could be recycled or terracycled! (More info here: )

And, when you go to CVS tomorrow to buy out all of the candy that is 70% off, check to see if the brands you are buying use palm oil–an oil driving the deforestation of some of the world’s most important habitats (most notably, rainforests).

Do it for this guy:


Once clean-up is over, you may already be thinking about next year. Here are “22 Green Halloween Ideas”:

“Green Halloween Costumes:

    • Have other parents over for a Costume Swap. Organize the clothing by sizes and allow your kiddos to shop through gently (usually one-time!) used dress-up for a new-to-them costume.
    • Mix and match odd items from Halloween’s past for a hodge-podge look. Throw on a sign a “Recycled” sign and make a “Green” statement!
    • Hit the thrift stores for ghoulish hand-me-downs or shop your closet for mix-and-match items that can make your perfect costume.
    • Make Your Own! I’ll never forget a school mate inside a giant box decorated as a washing machine or a man pinning a fake chicken to his shirt and calling himself a Chick Magnet.

Green Halloween Parties:

    • Email your party invites using an online invitation service, like
    • Instead of Styrofoam plates, opt for compostable plates made from renewable sources. If your party is small enough, use your household plates and do an extra load of dishes. You could even invite others to bring their own reusable plates and cups but be prepared for non-greenies (brownies?) to not find the idea so exciting.
    • Use cloth napkins and tablecloths, instead of disposable.
    • Purchase locally grown and/or organic food to feed your creepy crowd.
    • Keep recycling bins easily accessible to avoid plastics, paper or glass being trashed.
    • Avoid buying new decorations by purchasing used from a second-hand store or borrowing from friends and family. Keep your own decorations properly stored to reuse again next year.
    • Get crafty: a bed sheet for a ghost, paper mache monsters from recycled newspapers, jack-o-lanterns from milk cartons, or spiders made from rocks and twigs.

Halloween Trick-or-treating Ideas:

    • Purchase organic, free trade chocolates made without soy lecithin or organic lollipops from YummyEarth.
    • If you’re looking for alternatives to sugary treats, try halloween ideas like barrettes, matchbox cars, coins, organic fruit leathers or juice boxes, cookie cutters, toothbrushes, etc. Avoid cheap plastic toys. Look for items with minimal packaging.
    • Trick or treat?? Show the kids a magic trick! (Just be prepared to remain outside a little longer that night to avoid angry egg-toting children.)
    • Walk, bike ride, carpool or take the bus to trick-or-treat hot spots.
    • Keep candy wrappers or other trash from littering the sidewalk and gutters as you hop from house to house. Parents can even bring an extra bag to pick up other trash they see along the way.
    • Create a new Halloween tradition. Instead of dressing up or handing out candy, head out for a movie, dinner with friends or rentals, caramel popcorn and a warm spot on the couch.
    • Worried about too much candy? Invite your kids to offer up their treats to the sugar-crazy Halloween Fairy. In exchange, the fairy leaves a gift – a favorite toy, movie, game, or gift certificate. This Halloween idea is always a fave with kids!


  • Light your pumpkins with beeswax candles, instead of soy or paraffin-based waxes.
  • Don’t dump those pumpkin seeds after carving! Clean, salt and roast them for a real treat.
  • Compost those old jack-o-lanterns, food scraps and fallen leaves for great soil next spring. If you don’t have your own compost pile, look for local pumpkin recycling.
  • Next year try growing your own organic pumpkins in the backyard for an especially Green Halloween!”

And here is a link to the article:

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