How to be Sustainable in November!

Hey all!

Time seems to be flying by! November is here, and we are all starting to get ready for the holidays and festivities. However, during the time of the cooling months, we tend to be a little less sustainable because we want to stay warm! There are solutions to this problem though, and we can definitely still be sustainable!

For example, if you have heavy curtains or drapes, use them to keep the heat from escaping through your windows!

Thick Curtains
Thick Curtains! (Saves $ & Keeps You Warmer!)

Another example would be for you to try to seal up any cracks or small gaps that let the cold air in your house. Both of these examples will keep down the amount of green house gas emissions that we commonly produce!

Glass instead of plastic & paper
Glass instead of plastic & paper

During the November holidays, try to eat locally, compost your leftovers that are going to waste, and avoid using plastic and paper plates!

Even though it can be convenient to not always follow these tips, they can definitely help the environment for the better if we choose to follow them!

***Also, if you’re traveling, try to carpool (less carbon emissions!!!!).***


Thats all from me this week!

Stay environmentally friendly,


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