UVa Global Sustainability Poster Competition

Anyone and everyone interested in sustainability at UVa knows about the Global Sustainability course. The course consists of a series of spectacular guest lectures from some of UVa’s brightest professors over a variety of disciplines, and it culminates in a project proposal for a sustainability initiative. Teams of students work to identify a sustainability problem, address this issue, and present their plan in a poster competition.

Past projects have included energy education at elementary schools, an herb garden by the On-Grounds Fine Arts Cafe, a BikeShare program, and many Better Business Challenge projects, among others. Many of these projects are still visible on grounds today, demonstrating how long a well thought-out project really can survive.

This semester, however, the course has changed. Instead of carrying out the projects they so carefully plan, students only have to come up with a project proposal. This presents a challenge: how much can a student really care about a project they are not going to carry out? Many have responded by deciding that they will still carry out their projects, while others seemingly put less of an effort into their proposals. Others, like me, do not carry out their project, but are incredibly interested in what could happen if they did.

The poster competition for this year’s proposed projects will be held next Thursday, November 13th, from 2-3:15pm, in Ern Commons. Projects vary across sustainability topics such as water, recycling, transportation, health, and energy, among others. If you are at all interested in sustainability, how to create a project plan, or are just interested in hearing from students who think outside the box, definitely plan to view the posters. For those who cannot go, follow the link below to peruse past projects!


Many sustainability-related and generally “green” CIOs will be at the event, so make sure to stop by if you want to get more involved in environmental initiatives around grounds.


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