Why You Should Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles

It’s no big secret that plastic water bottles aren’t exactly eco-friendly. I mean, they’re made of plastic and even though it’s technically recyclable, often times they end up in our landfills anyways. And even if they’re recycled, they waste precious energy being recycled when people could just be using re-usable bottles! “But wait, Tushar, what if I just reused my normal plastic water bottle?” That’s bad for your health as, especially when reused, harmful chemicals can leach off the plastic of those cheap everyday bottles.


Bottled water is expensive! Water is one of the cheapest commodities in America. While tap water costs less than a penny per gallon, bottled water, on average, costs around $1.22 per gallon. It’s about 300 times more expensive. That’s insane. Despite all of this, interestingly, bottled water sales have actually gone up in recent years. From 2011 to 2012, there was a 6.5% increase in bottled water sales. We’ve even more than tripled our bottled water intake per capita since 1991. This is appalling considering that bottled water is honestly no better than tap water.


One of the main concerns is the safety / quality of the water. Many studies have shown that bottled water is actually equivalent (if not worse) than standard tap water. In fact, the FDA regulates tap water more regularly than it does bottled water, meaning that tap water has to be checked more often and so, due to this, it is probably cleaner as well. However, if you’re still not convinced, you could even buy a filter (even an expensive filter) and still benefit monetarily. For long-term usage, using a filter actually ends up being cheaper than continually buying plastic water bottles again and again and again.


Bottled water is just all around bad for the environment. They waste valuable resources being made, including water itself. Ironically, it even costs more water for the production of the plastic water bottles than the amount of water that they store. How wacky is that?! My recommendation is to quit using plastic water bottles and go out and buy yourself a solid reusable water bottle and fill it up with your perfectly fine tap water from home.


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