Living Sustainably …. Live Aboard A Boat

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Living aboard a boat is one of the living option that few people take the time to consider. After spend the majority of my youth sailing throughout the Caribbean and North America I am a huge advocate for this type of lifestyle. Reflected back on my years spent living on my family’s 28-foot Bristol Channel Cutter I can see the many sustainable adaptions that we had to make. The first and most obvious is the limited space which consequently limits ones ability to be consumeristic simply because there is nowhere to store things. Additionally the disconnection from land limits how easily products can be bought and also how waste can be disposed. We tended to produce very little trash as we bought in bulk and stored things in reusable containers. Additionally we learned from the cultures we interacted with. For example the third world countries we visited knew how to thrive on few resources and thus we absorbed many of there daily practices.

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Though this is a short post I encourage everyone to investigate how living on a sailboat can actually be placed near the center of the sustainability fractal, as each of the corners is fulfilled in some manner.

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