Regrow Your Plants Forever! (In your dorm room!)

Take a single plant and regrow it forever! I have recently discovered that some plant scraps can be reused and become amazing flavor boosters for your collegiate diet! Grow some cilantro or basil in your dorm room from cut stalks and suddenly that Easy Mac you were planning to eat is super classy!

For many of the plants these websites list, the general premise is to take plant waste that appears useless and then replant it either in soil or water until the cycle can begin again. If this isn’t the exact definition of sustainability, I don’t know what is! Plus, you can recycle cans and glass jars in order to grow these plants, which is super cool in itself.

I’m looking forward to trying this on my own and updating this post about how it goes! I’m thinking of doing bok choy, celery and/or scallions!

How to regrow celery from base roots scallions regrow

Here are some lovely websites that list procedures and your potential options!

(This website is dedicated to the idea of a “natural” lifestyle, which happens to frequently coincide with a sustainable lifestyle!)

(This is a “Food Hacks” website designed to make your life cheaper and easier!)

The pictures were borrowed from the websites listed above!

Sidenote: I apologize for all of my punctuation being exclamation points. THIS IS JUST REALLY EXCITING.

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