Green Gift Guide

It may be jumping the gun to be discussing this upcoming holiday season, but online shopping makes for a great study break so here it is: the Green Gift Giving Guide.

Shopping for friends and family can be hard but narrowing in on the theme of green takes away from the stress as there are plenty of great products and ideas out there!

*Make it to the bottom to check out alternative gift giving tips

 The Green Thumb Gift: A terrarium or living wall plant (throwback to last week’s post)

DIY ideas at
$26 at
$24 at

For the Cook: Eco-conscious cookbook (be sure to get the used books to save your $ and reuse!)

lucid food
$16 at
$3.80 at
$0.01 at

Anyone with a Smartphone: Biodegradable phone case, on-the-go solar charger

$25 at
$28 at

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow: 100% renewable, biodegradable sunglasses

$85 at

Musically Inclined: Recycled instruments

$15 at

The Out of Towner: Postcard garden

$12.50 at

Apartment Wannabe Pet Owner: Aquaponic garden fishtank combo

$65 at

Stocking Stuffer: Box made from salvaged wood, reusable sandwich bag

$7.50 at
$9 at

For Youngsters: Eco-friendly play dough, green activity sets

$20 at
$14 at

When possible buy local, make your own gifts, or even regift!

Another option to keep carbon footprints low is to give non-material gifts: pay for a cooking or spin class, a membership to a museum, tickets to a concert, or donate in honor of a friend to a worthy cause.

Let us know about your favorite past gifts, what you have on the wish list this year, or items in your shopping cart!

Happy Holidays

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