Thank the Earth this Thanksgiving

As many of us head home it is easy be caught up in rush and over do it during meals. This upcoming holiday is known for its large dinner and center piece: the turkey. An article I read in the Huffington Post provides a few tips for being sustainable even during the up coming holiday:

*the article mainly encouraged people to only buying and preparing what was needed. This consequently means that there should be little waste – in the form of food and also as plasticware.We should try to plan based on guest numbers and use reusable or compostable dishes.

Featured imageFeatured image

* To implement other dishes that fulfill the role of a turkey (as meat is requires massive amounts of energy to produce). Some suggestions include just having dishes that contain alternative protein like lentils. Something else that was recommended was a vegetarian meat substitute in the shaped of a turkey. example below…

Featured image
  • Pros: Shaped like a turkey! Comes with stuffing which you can place inside the bird, or, use your own homemade stuffing. Vegan
  • Cons: You won’t be able to stop laughing at how it’s shaped like a turkey! A bit pricier than other options, but it is a full 6 pounds, and should feed 12 – 16 people. Plenty of leftovers!

Overall making small efforts to use less meat, carpool, and only take the food you will eat can this Thanksgiving much more thankful to the Earth and to future generations. To put it shortly there are many simple ways to lead a thankful thanksgiving without disrupting tradition.


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