How Love for the Earth is Love for Humanity

This past semester at the University of Virginia has been a trying one. The university community has been rocked by a series of tragic events, including the murder of a student, two suicides, and a shocking article about rape culture at UVa. In these hard times, when our hearts are heavy, we must remember how to be strong again. This strength comes from our community. The UVa community these past few days has been moved to do selfless work, protesting rape culture at this school while also comforting those who are grieving the recent loss of a fellow student. This is only possible because of the love that we share for this community and because of the passion with which we strive to make everyone feel loved.

In examining my own thoughts about recent events, I realized that this love is what drives all good work. Indeed, it is this love and this passion that causes us to strive for selfless goals: whether that be, as in this case, to bring a community together and fight for justice or whether it is, in terms of this blog, healing our world through sustainability. I would argue that sustainability does not just affect the well-being of our earth. In each step of implementing sustainable habits, we build a better community for us and our children.

Within Green Grounds, when we decide to implement a new sustainable project, we foster relationships with people. A love for the environment and for this earth connects us with each other on an intimate basis. When we do the hard work to complete a project, we are continually supported by our Green Grounds community. When a project has a rough start or many obstacles, we are lifted up by our fellow Greenies to continue to work towards our goal. When a project succeeds, we are thrilled not only for ourselves but for every single person who contributed to making a dream a reality. We are a healthy, loving community, with a goal of environmentalism but an ability to create a loving atmosphere at the same time.

What I am saying, reader, is that sustainability and environmentalism provides a goal that can bring even larger communities together. Even if you do not practice sustainable habits for the purpose of providing the best world for future generations, do it to foster loving communities in the present day. We need it more than ever.


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