Sustainable Gift-Wrapping

With Thanksgiving leftovers tucked away in the fridge and Silver Bells chiming on the radio, the time has come to think about the season of giving.  Of course, while everyone wants to find the perfect gift, half the fun is wrapping (and unwrapping!) that holiday surprise.  Is there a way to gift-wrap without being wasteful?

It turns out that Americans use about 40 million tons of gift-wrapping material each year, which calculates to about two pounds per person.  There are many ways to give a beautifully wrapped and earth-friendly gift, you just have to be creative.  Check out some ideas below!

Wrapping in Fabric


Fabric is a great alternative to wrapping paper because it doesn’t shred or crinkle and can easily be used again.

Hiding your Gift in Something Reusable 


Purchase a small terracotta pot to conceal your gift, and your recipient will receive two gifts in one!

Using Old Maps or Calendars

map gift

The pages of a forgotten atlas can make great wrapping paper!

Purchasing Recycled Paper


There are now a number of companies that sell environmentally conscious wrapping paper (

Decorating with Nature


A simple design of pine needles and cone can make a naturally gorgeous statement in place of a plastic bow.

* If you receive a traditionally wrapped gift, be sure to check with your local recycler to see if you can recycle the paper.





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  1. I love the small terracotta pot suggestion. I would never have thought of that one myself. Practical and Pretty.

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