Carpooling is the way to go!

Hey everyone!

There are many ways to convince people to practice sustainable techniques; however, one in particular is quite simple to get people on board with! Carpooling has countless benefits that many individuals will definitely begin considering as more benefits are shown to them!

  1. Money!!! – Give advice to your friends, tell them that carpooling will save money and most likely they will join in!
  2. Carbon emissions will be lowered!
  3. There will be a less stressful commute!
Less Stressful Commute!

4. Carpooling reduces greenhouse gas emissions

5. Less traffic will lead to less accidents!

6. Finally, busy interstates and roads are quite loud. Carpooling significantly reduces noise pollution, which is a major benefit!

Carpool Spot for Cars!
Carpool Spot for Cars!

Definitely try and convince your friends, family, coworkers, etc. to try it out. Hopefully, they will like the benefits that come with carpooling and will begin to not only practice carpooling, but also convince others to try it out!

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Stay Environmental Friendly!



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