Have Yourself a Crafty Little Christmas

Need holiday gift ideas? Spend all your money on Bodo’s and Little John’s? Look no further! The following items can all be made from materials found around the house, which means they are super low-cost and, you guessed it, sustainable! Plus, the rumors are true- parents loooveeee homemade gifts!!  Let’s get crafting. 🙂


1. Natural Soaps
There are a couple of different methods for making homemade soaps, but the cheapest would be to make them from scratch using ingredients you already have. All you need are oils (olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil- whatever’s in your pantry!), water, and sodium hydroxide, plus any fragrances and you want! I recommend adding honey, herbs, and spices, and especially crushed flower petals if you have them.
Here’s one easy recipe from diynatural.com, but there are many online to choose from.
Another way to make soap is by melting a soap base and simply adding dyes and fragrances(& glitter if you’re feeling extra festive)! I used this method one year and it was quick and easy. All you do is buy a block of glycerin from the craft store, stick it in the microwave, stir in the fragrance and dye when it’s melted, and pour it into your mold. Try cookie cutters as well for some fun shapes!
2. T-shirt pillow
If you’re like my family, old vacation tees have been piling up for years. Instead of feeding them to the dustballs under your bed, upcycle them into decorative throw pillows for your Mom or Dad! Even if you’ve never sewn before you won’t find these hard to make, and you can stuff them with anything you have at home like newspaper or fabric scraps. Memories of the fun trips you’ve taken together will now be sure to last forever!
3. Wooden coasters
Bring the outdoors inside with these beautiful wooden coasters! You can turn any fallen branch into this perfect set- just make sure you find someone who can handle a saw. Besides that all you’ll need are sandpaper and wood varnish. Check out the easy instructions HERE. I would also recommend adding a coat of polyurethane to protect the wood’s surface.
4. Wine Charms 
A great gift for any wine-enthusiast, these DIY wine charms are practical and personable. To create a set for my Dad, I used wire and different colored beads from an old jewelry-making set, but you can use virtually anything you can find! One of my favorites I saw online is made from scrabble pieces:
Give any of these gifts and you sure are one sustainable Claus!😁🎅
Bonus points for checking out LAUREL’S POST for ideas on how to sustainably-wrap your newly crafted presents! The Earth is loving you right now. 

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  1. bscartabello says:

    Love the T-shirt pillow idea! A couple years back, I made a t-shirt quilt. A pillow would be an awesome addition – thanks for inspiring!

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