Looking to Become More Sustainable? Ask for these Gifts this Holiday Season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As the holiday season approaches, we can all think of many a New Year’s Resolution. If one of your goals is to have a more sustainable 2015, consider adding these gifts to your wishlists!

Practical Gifts:

1. Bamboo Towels ($8.99, Amazon) – These towels (a knockoff of the more common Bambooee brand) are an incredible way to cut down on paper towel waste. They are made from rayon from bamboo, and can be used up to 100 times. These hand- and machine-washable towels are as absorbent as your typical paper towel roll. For $8.99 from Amazon, how could you go wrong? The towels can be found on Amazon.com here.

2. Reusable Produce Bags ($12, Amazon) – While many people use reusable grocery bags, many forget to nab some smaller bags for their produce as well! These bags can even be used for straining, rinsing foods, and storage, and are washable! They can be found here.

3. The Bamboo Bottle ($20-$25, Bamboo Bottle Website) – This item is a necessity for any greenie. Cutting down on plastic water bottle usage is vital to decreasing landfill waste and promoting sustainable businesses. On great gift this holiday season, the Bamboo Bottle, even has an interior of glass with an outside of renewable bamboo products. In addition, the bottle is virtually unbreakable and has a beautiful design. You can find the Bamboo Bottle here.

Just-For-Fun Gifts:

1. Circuit Board Coasters ($12.99, TerraCycle) – These coasters are the perfect gift for any tech-savvy sustainaperson. TerraCycle is a program through which diverts waste from landfills by asking people simple to send it to them instead. In this case, they have designed coasters out of old circuit boards to bring a tech-y vibe to the average beverage coaster. These can be found here.

2. Pendant Heart Necklace (Medium is $32.00, TerraCycle) – Trying to find the perfect silver necklace? Look no further than TerraCycle. The company accepts sterling silver jewelry and repurposes it into necklaces and earrings of high quality. If this particular necklace does not strike your fancy, browse their website! They have so many beautiful pieces. The Medium Pendant Heart Necklace can be found here.

3. Recycled Bike Tread Belt ($38.00, UncommonGoods) – Snag one of these this Christmas and you’ll have the most edgy belt out there. These belts come in a variety of patters from both hybrid and road bicycles. Even the clasp is made out of an old bicycle chain! You can buy one of these handmade belts here.

4. Recycled Wine Bottle Platters ($16.99-$18.00, UncommonGoods) – If you are an avid cook and want only the best for your kitchen, these platters will surely please you. They are perfect for serving appetizers such as cheese and crackers, and they are beautifully crafted. The best part is that these platters are made from 100% recycled glass! These can be found here.

Have a very green holiday season! These were just my favorite gifts, but feel free to comment with more!


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