Did You Know That Google Is Eco-Friendly?!

Hey all!

I’ll start out with some interesting facts since this is the first time I have posted in 2015!

  1. The times that paper can be recycled is actually finite! Paper can only be recycled about 5-7 times before it is unable to be used again. The material that holds the paper together gets weaker and weaker with each cycle, which ultimately results in its deterioration.
  2. Approximately 1 in 4 mammals are at risk of extinction! 😦 Human encroachment and habitat destruction have made it much more difficult for some species to survive.
It has a limitation on how many times it can be recycled!
It has a limitation on how many times it can be recycled!

Anyway! Back to the main part of the article!

Google, one of the hugest companies in the world, practices sustainability and promotes green-life!

Google purchases renewable energy, which greatly reduces the carbon emissions to its company, putting its emission percentage at approximately 0%!! Google doesn’t just stop there, it also invests in other renewable energy projects to promote the idea of sustainability internationally.

Furthermore, Google uses very little of society’s electricity, which is surprising because it is such an enormous corporation; however, Google remains to be one of the lowest electricity consuming companies in the world. It brings some alleviation that a major corporation such as Google is concerned with the environment. Their presence and stance on renewable energy can definitely have a major influence on individuals in society. Hopefully, their continuous use of investments and commitment will shine a new light on some high-energy demanding companies. If anyone wants to look more into google’s eco-friendly stance, feel free to check it out in the link below!



Stay Environmentally Friendly!



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