Recycled Roses

Ahhh February; the month designated to pay tribute to all of your loved ones out there. But February is not only a month for love birds, it’s also a month to love the Environment! Here at UVA we take that to heart through the RecycleMania program conducted through February AND March on grounds.

So why not celebrate both days with one project?! Impress your honey with these beautiful roses AND celebrate RecycleMania with this sweet DYI gift idea.

Newspaper Roses


 Materials needed

Old Newspapers                              Green Pipe cleaner                         Optional: watercolor paint

Hot Glue gun                                     Scissors                                                green scrap paper

Step 1: Cut 25 petals in the shape of tear drops out of old newspapers. The petals should vary in size so cut five large petals, five petals a bit smaller, and so on until you have 25 petals. A trace may be used to create uniform petals if desired but is not necessary

Step 2: Now it is time to shape the petals. Gather all of the petals together with the smaller leaves in the center. Fold the petals slightly towards the center of the rose and pinch the base of the petals. Then prepare to glue!

Step 3: The base of your rose will be a green pipe cleaner. Beginning again with the smallest petals at the center, attach the petals to the base of the flower. Continue adding the petals, largest to smallest, to the outside of the flower. The largest leaves should overlap the smaller petals to create a stronger base and the look of a blossoming flower.

Step Four: You can dress your rose up by adding “leaves” to the pipe cleaner (cut from recycled green paper of course) or even giving your rose some color with watercolor paint.

Step 5: Now it’s time to spread the love and give your rose to someone you love! Enjoy!



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