Have a great, green Valentine’s Day!

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

I hope you all spent the day with someone you care about – and even if you didn’t, no worries. I feel that Valentine’s Day has turned into a forced event for couples – filled with commercialism and the need to buy presents and go out to dinner, not to enjoy each other’s company, but because if nothing is done on this day of love, it’s taboo in society. End tangent.

According to a infographic (shown below) researched and published by Wine Enthusiast, over 124 million adults in the United States alone celebrate Valentine’s Day. That’s almost half the population.

This results in the production and exchange of over 180 million greeting cards, each one producing 18.5 grams of carbon dioxide, about 600 times more CO2 emitted from an e-card. More than 198 million roses – the embodiment of love and Valentine’s Day – are made, the equivalent of 9,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Over 58 million pounds of chocolate are consumed. While being unhealthy for us, it is also unhealthy for the environment, since cocoa plantations, used in producing chocolate, cause deforestation around the globe.

Undoubtedly, the environmental impact of Valentine’s Day is significant. Reduce your impact! Follow these green tips for Valentine’s Day – so that your significant other and Mother Earth can feel the love.

1. Instead of roses

  • Make your own! As Libby posted a few days ago, you can easily reuse old newspapers to make beautiful roses that will last forever!
  • Buy flower seeds and let your love really grow.

2. Instead of buying cards

  • Make your own! Use old notes, buttons, candles, puzzle pieces, etc. – anything you don’t use can be used for cheesy Valentine’s Day card. Plus, it’s made with love.
  • Send an e-card. Those dancing emojis are adorable – and don’t waste any paper!

3. Instead of buying normal chocolate

  • Buy fair trade – companies that are committed to avoiding biodiversity loss, and produce chocolate in socially responsible ways

Valentine’s Day does not mean you need to spend money and hurt the environment. If you want to go entirely zero-waste, don’t buy anything! Take a walk outside with your loved one and appreciate all that nature has to offer. I know it’s cold, but that’s what hugs and cuddles are for 🙂

Sustainably yours,





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