What’s in your Belly?

I always hate walking by a huge pile of trash bags waiting to be collected or an overflowing trashcan with squirrels poking their heads out. Not only is it aesthetically displeasing but it also saddens me to think about all of that waste that is soon to be carried away to a giant hole in the ground. Growing up I never really understood what “throwing away trash” meant. Where did it go? How did it get there? What happened after it got there? The answers to these questions are not so simple to explain, but one place to start would be energy. It takes energy to do almost everything these days and I can only imagine the amount that goes into waste management. Think of all the garbage trucks there are in the world. Wow. That’s a lot of fossil fuel burning. Well, fortunately there is a company who has been trying to increase efficiency in the waste management world.

Taken form oaklandlocal.com
Taken form oaklandlocal.com

Bigbelly Solar is a company that continues to grow as more of its compact waste bins show up on the corners of streets throughout the world. Their design ensures that no litter will be able to fly away or be flooded by rain, as they are completely enclosed and secured to the ground. The bins also have solar panels (hence the name) that work to charge a battery for a compacter that senses when the bin is getting full. It also powers an app that trash collection companies can use to determine exactly when a pick up is necessary which saves time and energy. They have helped companies reduce collection frequency by 70-80% ensuring cleaner sidewalks and cleaner air. You might be wondering, shouldn’t our focus be on recycling and composting when considering reducing our waste and impact on the planet? Well, good news because Bigbelly Solar has both a recycling and composting bin that can be attached to the waste bin!

To learn more visit bigbelly.com


2 Comments Add yours

  1. j.taylor says:

    I love this company! What an excellent idea, these wonderful bins make our cities, school campuses and neighborhoods much more sanitary and attractive. You are so right, no one wants to see those awful trash cans overflowing with decaying
    waste. If every household had one of these the role of the trash collector could be transformed from some poor manual laborer guy (I’ve never yet seen a woman trash collector) who faces tons of other people’s waste in his daily rounds to someone who is more of a high tech energy efficiency employee. How much better could that be? Thanks for a great post!

  2. I love this idea. I hope to see these worldwide one day.

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