Defining Green: Nevada

Hey all,

Our next stop is to the east! That means we can say goodbye to the West Coast for now!

Nevada: The Silver State. The discovery of the largest silver deposit in the U.S. is why this state received it’s nickname!


An interesting place to visit besides Las Vegas is The Hoover Dam, which is located near the border and goes through Colorado and Arizona!


The Hoover Dam is 726 feet tall and supplies electricity and energy to countless states across the nation!

Let’s head back to specifics and learn about Nevada’s statistics! Once again, these are derived from CNN!

  • Mass Transit: 47
  • Renewables: 36
  • Recycling: 43
  • Water Quality: 5
  • Air Quality: 20
  • Mtns_Pond-waterservicepgGas Consumption: 4
  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions: 12
  • Overall: 37

Overall, Nevada is closer to the bottom of the list; however, the Hoover Dam definitely benefits the environment. Furthermore, we can infer from the data that the dam definitely has a favorable impact by looking at the water quality ranking (5)!

Definitions via CNN:

Mass Transit: “Residents per method of mass transit”

Renewable Energy: “Renewable Energy in billions of BTUs”

Recycling: “Percentage of waste recycled”

Water Quality: “Percentage of surface waters with impaired or threatened uses”

Air Quality: “Pounds of carcinogens released to air”

Gasoline Consumption: “Per capita gasoline use in gallons” (Note: Lower number means less gasoline used, higher number means more gas consumed)

Carbon Dioxide Emissions: “Annual Carbon Dioxide Emissions in metric tons” (Note: Lower number means less carbon dioxide emissions, higher number means more carbon dioxide emissions)


How green is your state?

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