The A-School Composts Now!

This post is dedicated to celebrating the efforts of the Architecture School EcoReps (our comrades in sustainable efforts) for bringing composting to Campbell Hall! This past Wednesday, they announced the arrival of the bins with a ribbon cutting and a variety of compostable snacks. This kick-off event raised awareness for the entire building to be mindful of the bins and start using them!


The ability to bring composting to the A-school was first made possible by being awarded a GIFT Grant to purchase the bins, bags, and a pickup agreement with Black Bear Composting. Seeing as the Fine Arts Cafe (located on the first floor of the building) already has composting, it seemed reasonable and necessary to add bins to the studio floors as well. This way, the sustainably-minded studio-goers don’t have to travel down 2 floors just to compost their banana peel. Additionally, if any of you have ventured over to the Arts Grounds, you would probably notice how the compost bin in Fine Arts is always stuffed with paper to-go boxes, while the trash bin is nearly empty. How’s that for eco-friendly?!

The EcoReps thought, if composting is working at the Cafe, why can’t the studio spaces try out composting as well? Seeing as most Architects care about sustainability in some way, this makes the A-School the perfect forum to introduce composting to an entire building. The studio spaces already host a variety of segregated recycling bins (white paper, mixed paper, glass/plastic bottles, etc.), making it pretty proactive in its waste management.

EcoRep VP Anna Friedrich says “I am really excited to see where this goes! I don’t think this could have happened without the cooperation of the faculty and facilities staff.”


The hope that this initiative brings is that other schools and buildings will adopt a similar attitude of recycling awareness, and make strides towards adding more segregated recycling bins. If Campbell Hall is the guinea pig of composting, what building will be next? Come by the A-School to see the bins in action, and hopefully it can inspire you to start your own personal compost bin, or start the process of bringing them to another location on Grounds!


Image 1 by Sangyoon Park

Image 2 by Aidan Garrity

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