Defining Green: Nebraska!

Hey all!

Today we are moving southward, so that means our next stop is Nebraska! To start off, we will begin with the state’s nickname, the Cornhusker State. The distinct name came from individuals that cultivated corn by hand; therefore, the “Cornhuskers” became the nickname of the students that went to the University of Nebraska. Later the entire state picked up the nickname and it has remained the state’s nickname since then. Nebraska-cornfield-and-sky-and-fence-and-grass

There are a couple of places to visit in Nebraska if you ever get the chance to visit! Those places are the Henry Doorly Zoo and Lake McConaughly. They are extremely fun places to go to and they have a variety of activities to do when you get there!

  • Statistics: (Once again, derived from CNN)
  • Mass Transit: 50
  • Renewables: 15
  • Recycling: 33
  • Water Quality: 14
  • Air Quality: 17
  • Gas Consumption: 22
  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions: 15
  • Overall: 14

Definitions via CNN:

Mass Transit: “Residents per method of mass transit”

Renewable Energy: “Renewable Energy in billions of BTUs”

Recycling: “Percentage of waste recycled”

Water Quality: “Percentage of surface waters with impaired or threatened uses”

Air Quality: “Pounds of carcinogens released to air”

Gasoline Consumption: “Per capita gasoline use in gallons” (Note: Lower number means less gasoline used, higher number means more gas consumed)

Carbon Dioxide Emissions: “Annual Carbon Dioxide Emissions in metric tons” (Note: Lower number means less carbon dioxide emissions, higher number means more carbon dioxide emissions)




How green is your state?

Stay Environmentally Friendly!



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