Defining Green: Kansas

Hey all!

This time we are heading to Kansas, which is also our number 1 sustainable state! The nickname of Kansas is the Sunflower State. An interesting fact about Kansas is that it won the most beautiful license plate for the wheat plate design. Some amazing places to visit while in Kansas would be the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, and the S.P. Dinsmoor’s Garden of Eden. You can even explore the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, and look at the countless species of plants and animals that reside there!


  • Statistics: (Derived from CNN)
  • Mass Transit: 18
  • Renewables: 1
  • Recycling: 21
  • Water Quality: 27
  • Air Quality: 28
  • Gas Consumption: 30
  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions: 24
  • Overall: 1


Kansas is a beautiful place and is even more spectacular due to its environmental friendliness. If you ever have the chance, take a look around and try to incorporate some of this state’s methods into your own!

Definitions via CNN:

Mass Transit: “Residents per method of mass transit”

Renewable Energy: “Renewable Energy in billions of BTUs”

Recycling: “Percentage of waste recycled”

Water Quality: “Percentage of surface waters with impaired or threatened uses”

Air Quality: “Pounds of carcinogens released to air”

Gasoline Consumption: “Per capita gasoline use in gallons” (Note: Lower number means less gasoline used, higher number means more gas consumed)

Carbon Dioxide Emissions: “Annual Carbon Dioxide Emissions in metric tons” (Note: Lower number means less carbon dioxide emissions, higher number means more carbon dioxide emissions)


How green is your state?

Stay Environmentally Friendly,



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