Defining Green: Oklahoma!

Hey all! This time we are taking a trip to Oklahoma, also known as “The Sooner State.” There are many attractions to go see in Oklahoma, even though it can seem like a bare state to many. Some of these attractions include the Oklahoma’s Science Museum, Oklahoma City National Memorial, and the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Myriad Botanical Gardens is an excellent place to get attuned to nature and its surroundings. The statistics for Oklahoma are below!


Statistics: (Derived from CNN)

  • Mass Transit: 45
  • Renewables: 32
  • Recycling: 48
  • Water Quality: 25
  • Air Quality: 24
  • Gas Consumption: 50
  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions: 33
  • Overall: 31

Even though Oklahoma is an extremely desolate state, it doesn’t do too bad on the scale of environmental friendliness. There are many methods to improving any state’s sustainability efforts; however, some states are more suitable than others to adjust to a more environmental friendly area. For example, the countless tornados make it difficult to set up facilities to aid in sustainable practices. However, Oklahoma can definitely be a beautiful place at various times of the year. It’s always important to take a deep breath and look at your surroundings. Personally, it allows me to appreciate nature much more.


Definitions via CNN:

Mass Transit: “Residents per method of mass transit”

Renewable Energy: “Renewable Energy in billions of BTUs”

Recycling: “Percentage of waste recycled”

Water Quality: “Percentage of surface waters with impaired or threatened uses”

Air Quality: “Pounds of carcinogens released to air”

Gasoline Consumption: “Per capita gasoline use in gallons” (Note: Lower number means less gasoline used, higher number means more gas consumed)

Carbon Dioxide Emissions: “Annual Carbon Dioxide Emissions in metric tons” (Note: Lower number means less carbon dioxide emissions, higher number means more carbon dioxide emissions)


How green is your state?

Stay Environmentally Friendly,



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