Shouldn’t Earth Day be everyday?

It’s that time of year again! Spring has sprung and Earth Day is just around the corner. But wait… shouldn’t we be celebrating Earth every day? This wonderful world we live on provides so much for us yet we take advantage time and time again. Well, this year the Earth Day Network has decided “it’s our turn to lead”.

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Taken from

Often times people get away with damaging the Earth because of poorly thought out policies. Some clear examples include daily agricultural and energy practices. But, we know there are better, cleaner, more efficient ways of using resources so that our Earth does not get damaged. Tomorrow people are coming together for “Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day” to raise awareness and pressure government leaders to make better decisions in policy which can help protect the environment.

Tomorrow starting at 11am there will be a large gathering on the Washington Monument Grounds in D.C. The event is free and it coincides with the World Bank Group’s and International Monetary Fund’s spring meetings. Visit to register for the event and help make Earth Day everyday!

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